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Returns the pricing for an Item in the CyberStore catalog for the user currently logged in.



GetPrice Post Parameters

The GetPrice operation has the following supported properties for posting queries:


Parameters surrounded by square brackets (e.g., [Quantity] ) are optional and do not have to be sent with the request.





A unique value assigned to your application after it is registered within the CyberStore Console > CyberStore Connect maintenance screen. You must include this value in your request.


A unique value assigned by the CyberStore application to a user’s unique session. It is created after a successful login to the website via the CyberStore login screen. You must include this value in your request. Information about how to receive and capture the SessionToken is described in more detail later in this document.


A unique identifier created by the application that runs on your registered client application. You need to capture it and send it with your request. CyberStore Connect utilizes this value, combined with the SessionToken and ClientCode, to validate the authenticity of the request.


The StockCode of the CyberStore Item to add.


The quantity the requested price should be based upon.


When not submitted with the request, the default quantity is 1.


The unit of measure the requested price should be based upon.


Values: “S” = Stocking, “A” = Alternate, “O” = Other.


When not submitted, the CyberStore relies on the "Preferred Unit of Measure" setting to determine which unit will be used.

GetPrice Query Results

When you submit a request to the GetPrice operation, the response message is returned as an XML string. A query posted with the required, authenticated parameters returns results similar to the XML string below:

Example GetPrice Query
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <FullName><![CDATA[Susan Brown]]></FullName>
    <CustomerName><![CDATA[Bikes & Blades – North]]></CustomerName>
    <ViewList><![CDATA[Wholesaler View]]></ViewList>


The XML string above contains the following elements:




The information about the logged-in user’s session profile. See GetProfile for the complete definition of the Profile Results.


The stock code of the Item.


The quantity used to determine the price.


The List Price of the Item.


The unit sales price for the Item.


The unit of measure for the Item.


The total price of the Item (e.g., Quantity x Unit Price).


The details about the success or failure of the request including a module, severity, response number and message. A response number of ‘000’ with a message of “Success!” indicates that the request has been completed successfully.


The CyberStore module that is responsible for the response. Typically, “API” is returned.


The severity of the response.

Values = 0 to 9


The value that uniquely identifies the specific response.



The message returned by CyberStore that describes what occurred.

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