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In Progress Orders
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The "In Progress Order Review" grid allows you to view user sessions that are in the midst of the checkout process and the information about them.

To access the grid in the Console menu, go to Orders > In Progress Orders.


When the application has loaded, the "In Progress Order Review" grid appears on the screen. Once loaded, the information within the grid continues to be updated every ten seconds through the Live Update feature.



Any blanks within the grid indicate that the shopper has not yet filled out those respective fields.

If an order is highlighted in purple, the order is complete but not converted.  

Viewing In Progress Order Details

When you click on View, the "Sales Order" pop-up appears.

You can select the Convert This Order button above the tabs within the pop-up to convert that given order.

This pop-up contains the following tabs:

Details Addresses Payment Info

Use these tabs to maintain the key elements of a pending order.

The Order Tab

Use the Details tab to maintain general order information and to configure options.



The Details tab contains the following elements:

Order Details Information
Order Number The unique identifier for this particular order.
Email The email address of the Account that placed the order.
Name The name of the person who placed the order.
Company The company of the person who placed the order (B2C orders only).
Customer The Customer Number of the on-file Customer and, if applicable, the name of the Company that the number represents.
Stock Code The unique identifier for each product within the sales order.
Item Name The name of the product within the sales order.
Default Price The Default Price of the Item per the Unit of Measure.
Customer Price The Customer Price of the Item of the Item per the Unit of Measure.
Discount Price The Discount Price of the Item per the Unit of Measure.
Unit Price The Unit Price of the Item per the Unit of Measure
Unit The Unit of Measure.
Quantity The quantity of a particular Item in the Unit of Measure that was purchased.
Price The line subtotal for that quantity of the Item that the Customer purchased in the Unit of Measure (Unit x Unit Price).
Summary A list of the subtotal for the order, total taxes, shipping fees (if this Customer has access to shipping cost information), applicable gift certificate values, and total order price.

The Addresses Tab

 Use the Addressestab to view shipping and billing address information and tax information about an order.



The Addressestab contains the following elements:

Addresses Information
Drop Ship A checkbox that indicates whether the shipping address was entered as a one-time address (on-file/B2B orders only).
Shipping Code The shipping code for one of the multiple ship to addresses (on-file/B2B orders only).
Ship To and Bill To Addresses The addresses for the shipping and billing of an order.
Tax Info Information about the tax configuration of the system.
Tax Code The identifier used to determine taxation on the order.
Tax City The tax city code derived for the order.

The Payment Info Tab

 Use the Payment Infotab to view the payment information about an order.



The Payment Info tab contains the following elements:

Payment Info Information
Credit Card Type The credit card carrier (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).
Credit Card Number

The masked number listed on the credit card (Credit Card orders only).

To change Credit Card Number display options, go to Site Manager in the Console, navigate to the Order Integration tab, and select the Credit Card Options tab.

PO A Customer purchase order, if supplied.
Payment Method The payment method used for the order.
Payment Type The payment terms on the order.
Payment Provider The Payment Provider used for the order (credit card orders only).