CyberStore Documentation
Item Personalization Designer (#4762)

Item Personalization allows companies who offer customizable products to present visitors with a visual interface for supplying personalized information like engraveable or printable text and graphics or photos onto existing items. As an add-on module to CyberStore, the Item Personalization designer is completely integrated with catalog items and checkout flow.



Users can select to personalize an item with loads a design interface where they can pick from multiple personable areas on an item. They can then submit text while choosing font and color information. They can even choose from image galleries or upload their own bitmapped image and see the combination rendered into an item photo in real time.

During checkout, orders containing personalized items must be confirmed before checkout can complete. Furthermore, the system will generate a “work order” email complete with a rendered example image and send it as an email to designated departments or personnel.


Please note that additional licensing is required to gain access to the Item Personalization Designer feature. Contact for more information.