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Item Characteristic Maintenance

The "Item Characteristic Maintenance" screen allows you to include additional detailed information about an Item on your Site.

To access this screen, go to Items > Item and Category Maintenance


In the "Item Maintenance" grid, locate the row designated for the Item that has Item Characteristics you want to edit. Select the corresponding Edit button under the "Characteristics" column.

When the application has loaded, the "Item Characteristic Maintenance" screen appears which will look similar to the screen below.



Maintaining Item Characteristic Data 

The "Item Characteristic Maintenance" screen is rendered dynamically listing all Characteristics from all Characteristic Families of the Item type.

Additional Reading:

See the Characteristics Setup topic for information about how to create the your own Characteristic Family and Characteristic data for your CyberStore.


Each Characteristic Family grouping is displayed in a field set box containing a grid that lists the following columns for each Characteristic:

Characteristics Maintenance Information
Label The defined text label for the Characteristic.
Value The data stored in the Characteristic. The value column contains individual editors providing varied user-input controls based on the defined type of the Characteristic.
Suffix The defined suffix for the Characteristic.

When a Characteristic of the HTML type is defined, button is presented that when clicked pops up an "HTML Editor" window, allowing you to make your changes to the HTML content of that Characteristic's value.




Be sure to click the button when you are finished making any edits.

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