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Keeping Item Data in Sync with SYSPRO Data
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CyberStore leverages internal data to optimize use of the site from a user experience standpoint. Part of the methodology is read certain data about Items that is maintained in SYSPRO and import it into the CyberStore database. This process keeps the data closer to the CyberStore application while reducing the amount of additional overhead put on your SYSPRO server for regular shopper visits to your website. Therefore, during the course of using the CyberStore system, there exist various means for importing and updating this data from SYSPRO which are described below.

Syncing While Maintaining Items

When maintaining Items in the CyberStore Management Console, the application will perform synchronization of Items when performing the following actions:

System Tools for Syncing Item Data

Other than synchronizing Item data between SYSPRO and CyberStore for individual Items, one can choose to perform wholesale updates of all Items in CyberStore on demand to the latest SYSPRO data using either of the following tools:

Automatic Syncing in the Front End

Beyond the ways in which SYSPRO Data in Items can be synchronized by Console tasks or tools, there also exist a few times during the course of a shopper's visit that information will be updated.

Item Data Souced from SYSPRO Data

Having seen where, when and how Item data can be syncronized from SYSPRO, the list below contains which Item fields are used to store SYPSRO Data from an Item query:

Item Field SYSPRO Item Query Node (//InvQuery/StockItem/...)
StockCode StockCode
Mass Mass
Volume Volume
Name Description
LongDescription2 LongDesc
Unit StockUom
AltUnit AlternateUom
PriceMethod PriceMethod
OtherUnit OtherUom
AltUnitConversion ConvFactAltUom
OtherUnitConversion ConvFactOthUom
AltUnitConversionFactor ConvMulDiv
OtherUnitConversionFactor MulDiv
UserField1 UserField1
UserField2 UserField2
UserField3 UserField3
UserField4 UserField4
UserField5 UserField5
WarehouseToUse WarehouseToUse
ProductClass ProductClass
KitType KitType
SerialMethod SerialMethod
TraceableType TraceableType