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Item Lists are custom lists of Items available to front-end users who are logged into the CyberStore Site. Items within these lists are not bound by any specific Category but are specific to a linked Account or Customer.

Each type of Item List is available to a different set of users and can be managed by only certain authorized Accounts. See the table below:

Item List Type Available To Managed By
Account Item Lists The user who logs in under the specified Account. The Item Lists tab in the Account Maintenace window in the CyberStore Console or the Site visitor when logged into the front-end.
Customer Item Lists Every user who logs in under an Account that links to the Customer.

The Item Lists tab in the Customer Maintenance window in the CyberStore Console or by a shopper who is logged into the front-end as a Customer Administrator.

Additional Reading: See the Customer Account Administration Control Overview to learn what else a Customer Admin can do in your CyberStore.
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