CyberStore Documentation
Network Security

Configure Network for HTTP and HTTPS Access

You must set up your network to allow HTTP (TCP port 80) and HTTPS (TCP port 443) access to the web server for the external public IP address for the website. Include any gateway router, perimeter firewall, software firewall, etc.

Acquire an SSL Certificate

This certificate encrypts data transmissions based on the Domain name. An SSL certificate helps to protect the information that your Customers entrust to you via your website. Once you install one, any pages using it display a small padlock on the browser status bar. This indicates that the page meets a certain threshold of security. Your Internet Service Provider should be able to assist you with obtaining and installing this certificate on your web server.

To determine which type of SSL certificate is best for you, see the CyberStore SSL Comparison Chart.

Additionally, SSL Certificates can be purchased directly on our website using the SSL Certificate Order Form.


While it is possible to use CyberStore without an SSL certificate, we highly recommend that every Live Site uses one. Try to obtain an SSL certificate from a reputable organization, such as Network Solutions or VeriSign.