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Understanding On Hand Quantity Basis
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The On Hand Quantity Basis determines how base inventory numbers are returned to CyberStore from SYSPRO. CyberStore offers you four options. Each of these quantities is based off of the value for the On Hand Quantity but determined in a slightly different way.

To adjust the manner in which you determine the quantity of an Item that a shopper can buy, select from the dropdown menu in Catalog Configuration > Quantity Settings.

On Hand Quantity

The On Hand Quantity for an Item represents the amount of physical units of that Item that you have in stock. This section explains exactly what this amount represents and at which point during a shopper's experience that this value changes.

Available Quantity

An Item's availability represents the total number of units of an Item that shoppers can order from your web store at the present time. This value could be greater or less than the On Hand Quantity. For example, it might represent only the number of units available for that Item from a certain warehouse. You might want to limit your availability to less than your On Hand Quantity so that you do not oversell more units than you have available. Or you might want to make your availability greater than your On Hand Quantity because you expect the stock to be replenished in the near future.

Future Free

Future Free is another way of setting the quantity of an Item your shoppers can purchase. The Future Free quantity of an Item is as follows: Add together all of the warehouse On Hand Quantity, all warehouse quantity in inspection, all warehouse quantity in transit, and all warehouse quantity allocated. Subtract all warehouse quantity allocated WIP (Work in Progress).

Unallocated Quantity

Like Future Free, unallocated quantity employs a different formula for setting the quantity of an Item your shoppers can purchase. The formula for calculating the unallocated quantity is as follows: Subtract all warehouse quantity allocated WIP (Work in Progress) from all warehouse available quantity.

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