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Payment Profile
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The "Payment Profile Maintenance" screen allows you to maintain information on the payment providers for various types of credit cards and forms of currency.

To access the screen in the Console menu, go to Setup > Payment Profile.

When the application has loaded, the "Payment Profile Maintenance" screen pops up.




Maintaining Payment Profile Data

The "Payment Profile Maintenance" screen contains the following button:


The Add Button

Use the the Add buttom to maintain general payment information and to configure options.




Important Note:

Payment profiles are maitained by Site Therefore when using the Multi-Site Add-on Module, a separate profile must be saved for each Site. Select the current site from the drop down above the Console menu to set the Site context for your edits. The list will then display the settings for just that site and additions, edits or deletions will only affect the current Site.

The Add button contains the following sections:

General Information
Currency Name The currency that the payment is received in.
Credit Card Type The type of credit card used as payment.
Credit Card Provider The provider of the credit card used as payment.


Be sure to click the button when you are finished making any edits.