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Once you have decided upon the images to upload to your Site, as we discuss in the topic Item and Category Images, you are confronted with another question: how should you prepare those images? In this section, we offer advice on editing your images for your web store. 

Preparing Photos in CyberStore

Effective images contribute to the success of a web store. While CyberStore allows you to choose different images for different uses, you will likely edit each before uploading them. You can organize and place your photos using the CyberStore Console.

Image Data from SYSPRO

Your work with images is independent of SYSPRO. You should first prepare your images and then upload these directly to CyberStore.

Ideal Features of Images in CyberStore

There are no set features that guarantee a perfect image when displayed on your Site, as this can vary across cases. With this in mind, based on our experience, we can provide some recommendations that generally yield a successful outcome.


When formatting your file, try saving it as either a .png or a .jpg. Oftentimes, 24-bit .png files provide the best resolution and most clarity with the combined compression.

Be wary of over-compressing your photos. We recommend that you do not compress them over 50%.


Typically a square image translates best onto the Site. You may also want to take into consideration how you want your image to be used on the Site. For example, you would probably not upload a square image for a banner across the top of the page. In many cases, though, square images are the most ideal.


There is not a one-size-fits-all image. Keep in mind the use that you intend to have for it. For example, if you intend to use the image as a thumbnail, you want it to be smaller than an Item Detail image on which the shopper can use a zoom feature.

Naming Your Image Files

Featured Photos

Your featured photos (i.e. Photo1 and Photo2) should have the same name as your stock code. For example, stock code A100 would have an image filename of A100.png. Naming them such allows you to mass upload your files to the Photo folders and letting CyberStore automatcally find them.

Item Detail Photos

Item detail photos do not need to individually adhere to a special naming convention but the folder they are grouped in should be the same as the corresponding stock code.

Important Note about Special Characters:

It is possible to have a stock code that contains characters that are considered invalid in a filename, therefore the CyberStore has been built to understand a special character replacement when matching the original stock code string with a valid filename counterpart.

Use the table below as reference for these special characters and their replacement strings.



Replacement String


asterisk _AS-


less than _LT-


greater than _GT-
& ampersand _AM-
` left single quote _LQ-
' apostrophe _AP-
+ plus sign _PL-
" double quote _DQ-
| pipe bar _PB-
/ forward slash _FS-
: colon _CO-
\ backslash _BS-
# pound _LB-
^ caret _CA-
! exclamation point _EX-
(space) blank space _


 When using the upload capabilities within Item Image Maintenance in the Management console, CyberStore will automatically save your files with the corrected filename for the stock code value of the Item.

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