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All prices are determined by the following factors: stock code, quantity, Customer, currency, and unit of measure in context. It is also worth noting that all prices are listed per unit. A change in one of these factors for a price can affect its appearance to a shopper on your Site.

Pricing is the process of assigning the prices that your shoppers see and pay for Items available in your web store. With CyberStore, you can choose from various options how to convey the price of your Items in an effective manner.

Use of Pricing in CyberStore

Any time you list an Item for sale on your web store, you are pricing that Item. While you have some CyberStore exclusive options for pricing your Items, the basis for all of your pricing is generated according to SYSPRO settings.

Pricing Data from SYSPRO

CyberStore uses SYSPRO as the source for all of your pricing data. By default, all Items are priced according to Standard SYSPRO Pricing. However, you can also set the pricing to be based upon the SYSPRO Trade Promotion Module if your web store so requires.

While SYSPRO is the source for all pricing data, there are some types of pricing that exist exclusively in CyberStore. For these pricing types, you cannot find them or make adjustments to them in SYSPRO. This section identifies which types of SYSPRO pricing are supported in CyberStore and which types exist only in CyberStore but are based upon the pricing values retrieved from SYSPRO.

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