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The following types of pricing are used in creating Web Prices. These only exist in CyberStore and act as price adjustments to the initial values retrieved from SYSPRO. Keep in mind that you can also make pricing adjustments through the CatalogPricingControl in addition to working within the Console.

CyberStore Discount

Discounts consist of a reduced percentage or dollar value to either the Customer Price or the Discount Price, whichever is lower. You can apply these at both the Item and Category levels. If you so desire, you can combine discounts between these two levels. For example, if all Items within a Category are 10% off, a Customer can purchase an Item within that Category that is an additional 10% off for a total 20% discount on the subtotal.

This pricing feature is useful for having a sale within your web store.

You can add discounts directly in CyberStore without needing to make adjustments in SYSPRO. To set an Item level discount go to Item Maintenance > Pricing. To set a Category level discount go to Category Maintenance > Discounts.

Web Promotion

Promotions take effect when the shopper is ready to check out. When the shopper enters the coupon code that you set in CyberStore and distributed, the total is reduced by either a percentage or a dollar amount. If the code provides for a discount in a dollar amount and the shopper spends less money than the coupon permits, they can use the coupon during remaining shopping trips until the total dollar amount is used or until it expires. A percentage reduction can only be used once.

A common example of a promotion to give to a shopper is a coupon code for free shipping on their next order.

Similar to discounts, you can create promotions in CyberStore without needing to make adjustments in SYSPRO. To do so, go to Promotion Maintenance.

Relative Price Per Unit

In SYSPRO, there are three UOMs: stocking, alternate, and other. A stocking unit is the unit in which the Item is typically sold. An alternate unit is a higher volume of the same Item. The other unit can be set to consist of an even higher volume of your choosing.

CyberStore can use any of the three UOMs from SYSPRO when pricing Items on your Site. However, if you find that the higher volumes of an Item can create confusion for the shopper when they are reviewing the price of such, CyberStore allows you the option of listing the Relative UOM. The Relative UOM appears next to the UOM generated from SYSPRO. Our CatalogPricingControl topic contains additional information about this pricing.

To activate this feature, you can go to Item Maintenance > Pricing or set it up within the CatalogPricingControl


Special pricing for accessories to Items in your web store is exclusive to CyberStore. When you identify certain Items as accessories in Related Items and Accessory Maintenance, CyberStore suggests these to the shopper when they add the main Item to their Cart. You can also set price breaks for those accessories. This means that, because the shopper is buying the bigger Item which the accessories accompany, they receive a price break on the accessories to encourage their purchase.

Through the Item Maintenance grid, you can select accessories to associate with each Item. You then have the option of assigning either a flat rate or percent discount to each accessory. The shopper is eligible for these price breaks only when they buy both the main Item and its accessory from your web store.


For information about pricing types that do exist in SYSPRO and are supported in CyberStore, see the previous topic Pricing Supported by CyberStore.


For information about the shopper's ability to see certain types of pricing, review the topic Access to Pricing.

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