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Running Multiple Versions of .NET Remoting Service on the Same Server

Beginning with version 2.3.2288 of the .NET Remoting Service, you can run multiple instances of the service on the same server. However, you must install different version numbers separately.

This is particularly important if you meet all of the following criteria: 

Example of a user who meets this criteria: the user runs a production Site of 2.2.2033 and has a separate staging Site. They would now like to install and test 2.3 or greater before rolling up the production instance.

Installation Differences When Installing Multiple Instances

To install multiple instances, simply follow the installation instructions in the previous section, Installation Process.

You need to slightly modify those instructions:

You can differentiate the services in the Windows Services administrator by their names. Each name contains the services version when the services use version 2.3.2288 or greater.