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The "SYSPRO Configuration" window allows you to manage your CyberStore application's integration with the SYSPRO ERP application.

To access the window in the Console menu, go to SYSPRO Configuration.

When the application has loaded, the "SYSPRO Configuration" window appears.



The "SYSPRO Configuration" window contains the following elements:

SYSPRO Server Information

The "SYSPRO Server Information" set of fields contains details about the CyberStore configuration for SYSPRO Communication.

SYSPRO Server Information
Default Operator The SYSPRO Operator (user) that CyberStore is setup  use to login to SYSPRO.
Instance The SYSPRO Instance that CyberStore will connect to.
Company ID The Code of the SYSPRO Company that CyberStore is setup to use.
Company Name The name of your company.
SYSPRO Version The version of SYSPRO you are running (this value may be blank when connecting to versions of SYSPRO prior to 7.0)
SYSPRO Service Pack The current service pack level of your SYSPRO application version (this value may be blank when connecting to versions of SYSPRO prior to 7.0).
SYSPRO Licensing Method

The licensing methodology for your SYSPRO application.

Connection Method

The communication protocol used to send and receive business object calls between CyberStore and SYSPRO.

Available options are:

  • COM/DCOM (not recommended) - intended for non-production, single server installations only.
  • .NET Remoting - uses the proprietary un-encrypted CyberStore .NET service installed on your SYSPRO application server - available when CyberStore and SYSPRO are both installed on the same network.
  • Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - uses un-encrypted Windows WCF services via net tcp - available when CyberStore and SYSPRO are both installed on the same network.
  • SYSPRO Web Services - uses SSL encrypted connection to the SYSPRO web service for installed on your SYSPRO application server - required when CyberStore web server is outside of the network where SYSPRO is installed (requires separate, valid, and non-self-signed SSL Certificates to be installed on both the SYSPRO web service application and the CyberStore application).

    When using SYSPRO Web Services, you can optionally configure a specific timeout (in seconds) using the Connection Timeout slider.

Connection URL The fully qualified network address including port where CyberStore will send requests.

Refresh Operator

Clicking the Refresh Operator button will reset the SYSPRO connection.

This refresh function is accomplished by logging off the current SYSPRO Operator used by CyberStore, and then immediately log back in. Doing so will not result in an application restart which means that one can refresh the operator without interrupting active user sessions.

Change Operator Clicking the Change Operator button will pop-up a window where SYSPRO login information is entered.

The "SYSPRO Communication Tuning" set of fields contains options for tuning the CyberStore connection to SYSPRO, and includes the following elements:

SYSPRO Communication Tuning
Enable SYSPRO Server Communication A check box that, when checked, allows CyberStore to communicate to SYSPRO. When unchecked, no information is sent between the CyberStore web server and the SYSPRO application server.
Enable SYSPRO Communication Caching

A check box that when checked will retain SYSPRO query results in the memory of the CyberStore application for a period of time in order to minimize the amount of times the CyberStore must connect to SYSPRO.

The use of caching, in any duration, is recommended in production environments for optimal performance and user experience.

Clear SYSPRO Cache

Clicking the Clear SYSPRO Cache button will remove all cached entries that are currently stored in memory.

Use this button if changes have been saved in SYSPRO that may be have been previously loaded into the cache.

Duration of Cached Entity The length of time (time to live) in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days that a cached entry will remain in the cache before it is refreshed.

Configuring SYSPRO Login Information

When you select the Change Operator button, the "SYSPRO Configuration" pop-up appears.



Fill in the fields within the General tab.

General Information
Default Operator The SYSPRO Operator (username) that is used to login to SYSPRO application server.
Password The password for the Default Operator.
Confirm Password A field used to confirm the password for the Default Operator.
Instance The SYSPRO Instance to login to (if applicable).
Use Default Company A check box which when checked will force the login to use the Default SYSPRO Company as configured in SYSPRO for the Default Operator.
Company ID The code for the SYSPRO Company Code that CyberStore will login to.
Company Password The password for the SYSPRO Company (if applicable).
Confirm Company Password A filed used to confirm the SYSPRO Company password.
Use Runtime License

A check box which when checked will use a CyberStore Runtime License for (recommended)

When unchecked, the CyberStore will use standard business object licensing to connect.


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