CyberStore Documentation
SYSPRO Licensing

There are two ways to set up the SYSPRO solutions licensing:

SYSPRO Runtime Licensing (Recommended)

If you use runtime licensing, you will see the CyberStore product listed in the Company > Registration screen under the Runtime Products button.

If you do not see the CyberStore license, you need to import a new license file.

To do so, go to Setup > Companies > Change. In the Registration tab, import the LICENSE.XML. SYSPRO provides you with this XML file, which contains the required license information.

SYSPRO Business Object Licensing

If you do NOT use runtime licensing, you will need to allocate licenses to the WEB and operator.

To do so, log into SYSPRO. From the main window, go to Setup > System Setup > Configure License. Select "Business Objects." Then select each of the functional areas listed below and mark the WEB operator as "Licensed":

When you are finished, you may close the window. Click the Finish button on the final screen to apply the changes.