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Customer Class Shipping



The Shippingtab contains the following sections:

Freight Calculation

By checking this box you are allowing CyberStore to calculate pass freight line and chose an appropriate shipping method. By not allowing Cyberstore to calculate shipping the Customer is given a drop down box containing shipping provider options and prices.

 When allow CyberStore to calculate and pass freight line is not selected a drop down menu is given with a list of shipping methods.

 Note: These shipping methods do not display price or availability.



Shipping Options

When marked by a check this enables whether CyberStore will calculate freight charges in CyberStore.

Custom Shipping Messages




You can check a box for a given situation in which you want the Customer to receive a custom shipping message. When you do so, enter your message into either the corresponding "Long Message" or "Short Message" field, accordingly. By checking the "Custom Shipping Price Available" box your custom message will be sent to the Customer when the shipping price is available. By checking the "Custom Shipping Price Unavailable" box your custom messages will be sent to the Customer when the shipping price is unavailable. By checking the "Custom Shipping Oversized and Insured" box your custom messages will be sent to the Customer if the Customer is purchasing Oversized or Insured products.




The image below is an example of how your customer will see your custom messages.


Shipping Methods Available to Customer Class

Select which Shipping Methods that members of this Customer Class can choose from.

Implementer's Note:

"{Customer Ship Via}" is automatically included as a Shipping Method for any Account linked to a Customer in the Customer Class when the following conditions are met:

  1. You select "{Customer Ship Via}" as a Shipping Method on a Customer Class.
  2. You set the SYSPRO Customer Account with a Ship Via Code.
  3. You link a Shipping Method that exists in CyberStore to the Customer's Ship Via Code.