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CyberStore E-Commerce requires access to the following Business Objects to provide full SYSPRO integration:

Module: Solutions - Query

Object Function XML Out XSLT File
ARSQCR A/R Credit Management Query
ARSQRY A/R Customer Query
BOMQRY BOM Costing Query
COMPRF Profile Settings Query
COMQCO List of Valid SYSPRO Companies
COMQFM Custom Form Query
CSHQ45 Cash Book Bank Balance Query
INVQAT Inventory Available to Promise Query
INVQRY Inventory Query INVQRY.xslt
INVQSE Inventory Serial Number Query INVQSE.xslt
INVQWR Inventory Where-Referenced Query INVQWR.xslt
SORQCP S/O Sales Order Contract Price Query SORQCP.xslt
SORQDL S/O List of Dispatch Notes SORQDL.xslt
SORQDN S/O Dispatch Note Query SORQDNOUT ORQDN.xslt
SORQID S/O Sales Order Invoice Query SORQIDOUT SORQID.xslt
SORQND S/O Dispatch Invoice Document Query SORQNDOUT SORQND.xslt
SORQOV S/O Sales Order Valuation Query SORQOV.xslt
SORQPL Customer Price Lookup Query SORQPL.xslt
SORQSO S/O List of Sales Orders.ascx SORQSO.xslt
TPMQPP TPM Pricing Query TPMQPP.xslt
TPMQQP TPM Qualified Promotions Query TPMQQP.xslt

Module: Solutions - Sales Order

Object Function XSLT File
SORRSH S/O Build Sales Order Header
SORRSL S/O Build Sales Order Line SORRSL.xslt


Module: Solutions - Setup

Object Function XSLT File
COMSFM COM Custom Form Setup (SYSPRO 6.x) COMSFM.xslt
COMTFM Custom Form Setup (SYSPRO 7.0+) COMTFM.xslt
INVSPR Inventory Price Maintenance INVSPR.xslt
INVSST Inventory Stock Code Maintenance INVSST.xslt

Module: Solutions - Transaction

Object Function XSLT File
APSTIN Accounts Payable Invoice Posting APSTIN.xsltAPSTIN-Params.xslt
ARSTIN Accounts Receivable Invoice Posting
ARSTPY Post AR Payments, Adjustments and Miscellaneous Receipts ARSTPY.xsltARSTPY-Params.xslt
SORTBO S/O Backorder Release SORTBO.xsltSORTBO-Params.xslt
SORTOI S/O Sales Order Import SORTOI.xsltSORTOI-Params.xslt
SORTOS S/O Change Order Status SORTOS.xsltSORTOS-Params.xslt
WIPTJB Job Creation and Maintenance

Module: Solutions - Utility

Object Function XSLT File
COMBRW Generic Browse
COMFCH Generic Fetch
COMFND Generic Find
COMKEY Get Previous/Next key