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UPS Rate integration is provided with licensing of the CyberStore UPS Shipping Add-On Module. 

Rate queries are performed by CyberStore to the UPS public API using properly formatted XML-based strings. Standard query syntax is hard-coded

into the CyberStore business logic, however, should an implementation require it, the Rate API XML template can be overridden with a custom XML file. 

Rate Query Replacement Strings

Within the sample XML provided there will be several replacement strings that substitute variable values in context during processing. The following table provides a legend to what these tags are and what their expected values are.


Replacement Value
{0}  AccessNumber
{1}  UserId
{2}  Password
{3}  FromStreet1
{4}  FromStreet2
{5}  FromStreet3
{6}  FromCity
{7}  FromState
{8}  FromPostalCode
{9}  FromCountry
{10}  ToStreet1
{11}  ToStreet2
{12}  ToStreet3
{13}  ToCity
{14}  ToState
{15}  ToPostalCode
{16}  ToCountry
{17}  ShippingCode
{18}  Weight
{19}  ProviderUOMCode
{20}  PackagingCode

Modifying the UPS Rate XML

To customize the XML, copy the contents of the sample code provided below into a file called UPSRateQuery.XML, make any modifications desired and then save the file to your Site/XML folder in your instance of CyberStore. When present, the system will automatically detect the custom string and submit it instead of the default.  To remove a customization and restore default processing, simply rename or delete the UPSRateQuery.XML file from the Site/XML folder.

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<?xml version=""1.0"" ?>
<AccessRequest xml:lang='en-US'>
<?xml version=""1.0"" ?>
            <CustomerContext>Rating and Service</CustomerContext>
        <ShipmentServiceOptions />