CyberStore Documentation
Uninstalling .NET Remoting Service

In the case where you would like to uninstall .NET Remoting Service, follow the directions below to complete this process:


Stop the CyberStore Remoting Service

  1. Open Windows Services administrator tool on the SYSPRO Server.
  2. Locate and select “CyberStore Remoting Service.”
  3. Choose Action > Stop > Properties from the menu.
  4. The value for “Path to executable” indicates the installation directory.
  5. Close the "Properties" window.

Unregister the service

  1. In a command prompt, navigate to the .NET installation folder using the following:

         cd c:\windows\\framework\v4.0.30319\

  1. Next, un register the service using the following command:

         installutil.exe /u "C:\Program Files(x86)\dovetail\RemotingService\RemotingService.exe"
         where the path above is the location of the RemotingService.exe file.

Remove the Installation

  1. Delete all files in the installation directory of .NET remoting on the server.