CyberStore Documentation
User Administration

The "User Administration" grid allows you to manage Management Console users for CyberStore.

To access the window in the Console menu, go to Tools > User & Group Administration >User Administration.

When the application has loaded, the "User Administration" grid appears.



The Maintenance grid offers the following functions:

Additional functions are available via a pop-up context menu, which appears when you right-click on any grid row:


After you select the Add or Edit button on the grid, the Item Maintenance pop-up appears. Then you can add or edit specific information. After you select the Delete button, the Console asks you to confirm the deletion.


Important Note:

The group named "Administrators" is a CyberStore built-in group and can neither be edited, nor deleted.



Use this form to add a new group and select your preferences. When finished, click the Save button. Otherwise, click the Cancel button to exit without saving.

This grid contains the following sections:

User Administration Information
User Name The username for the Accounts that have been designated as administrators.
First Name The user's first name.
Last Name The user's last name.
Email The user's email address.
Account Lock Status Two collumns, if the check box is checked the account is locked. If both collumns are empty, the account is unlocked and functioning as normal.