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The GetData Web Service has been designed to allow web developers to access certain CyberStore application processes and data from the client side using AJAX. By making calls to the service, it is possible to build your own custom display functions within a CyberStore Site's theme.

Developer's Note:

The operations available in the GetData web service are designed to only function when properly called from the CyberStore application itself. They cannot be used to access CyberStore processes or data from external third-party websites. In order to review options available to third-party websites please review the CyberStore Connect Introduction topic.

How to Make AJAX calls Using the GetData Web Service

The CyberStore page engine includes with every page a JavaScript library that includes a globally available function that has been built specifically to make AJAX calls to the service. This function is called MakeAJAXCall.

When utilizing MakeAJAXCall it is important to know that the calling page must be running under the SSL encrypted HTTPS protocol in order to work, not doing so will neither perform processing, nor provide results.

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