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View Lists allow you to create different versions of a catalog dependent upon the types of visitors who are viewing the Items. These lists control product viewing access so that different visitors can see different subsets of available Items.

View Lists can be associated with a Customer Class, a Customer, or an Account. Any single Customer Class, Customer or Account can only be associated with one list at any time.

To manage and maintain your View Lists, go to Items > View List Maintenance on the Console menu. 


The "View List Maintenance" grid loads. This grid provides you with access to all View Lists in CyberStore.



The Maintenance grid offers the following functions:

Additional functions are available via a pop-up context menu, which appears when you right-click on any grid row:


After you select the Add or Edit button on the grid, the Item Maintenance pop-up appears. Then you can add or edit specific information. After you select the Delete button, the Console asks you to confirm the deletion.

To learn more about maintaining your View Lists, see the View List Maintenance topic.