CyberStore Documentation
Virtual Website in IIS


Add Section for IIS8.x

CyberStore resides within a virtual website. You may use the default Site or an existing Site, or you may create a new one. The “e-Commerce” and “Console” virtual directories are created within this virtual website during the CyberStore application installation.

See the following steps to learn how to create a virtual website.

Create a New Website on the IIS 7.x Web Server

Open IIS.

Expand the web server.     

Right-click on "Sites." 

Click “Add Web Site...”



Complete the dialog box that appears:



Enter website address information:


IP Address 

Set up the network (firewall and router), server (NIC), and website (IIS) to respond to the assigned IP address.

If you are on the web server, you may refer to the default website as (localhost).

Patch O/S and IIS 

Install all security updates. 

Review and install any important or critical Windows updates that relate to components essential to this process.

SSL Certificate

You need an SSL certificate for the full “Common Name” of the website, or the subdomain and Domain names of the CyberStore Site (e.g.,, for Go Live.

First, determine the common name for your CyberStore Site: 


For more information, or to order a certificate, visit: