CyberStore Documentation
Website Configuration Guidelines

This section discusses the planning and placement of the various CyberStore web application components on the server.

CyberStore Website (IIS website)

The website contains applications and virtual directories. It is browsed through one or more unique protocol/binding pairs.

The CyberStore website can exist in one of three places:

CyberStore Website Root Directory (Physical Path)

The website root is the topmost directory read when browsing the website, e.g., “". Typically, this folder contains a file that redirects the browser to the application installation directory.

The CyberStore website root directory typically exists in one of two places:                    

CyberStore Application Installation Directory (Physical Path)

The installation directory contains the files that make up the application. This is the directory in which the CyberStore Installation Wizard is run and into which the Wizard writes the CyberStore application files. This directory contains multiple virtual directories, as required by the CyberStore application.

The CyberStore application installation directory typically exists in one of two places:                    


CyberStore is a 32-bit application. Therefore, it must be installed in the (x86) program files location when using the system disk installation location.


For security purposes, the website root directory should NOT be the same as the application installation directory.