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The list below represents the currently available CyberStore front-end widgets that you can use within your Site.

Fore more information about widgets and how to use them see the LoadWidgetControl topic.

Widget Description

A widget that produces a listing of open invoices on an account. Introduced in v2.20. 


A common document viewer widget. Introduced in v2.21.

HotSpotDiagramDisplay A hot spot diagram display widget. Introduced in v2.16. 
Items_TileListing Widget

A tile listing widget for Items. Introduced in v2.18. 


An Items bought with widget. Introduced in v2.16.


A widget designed to link a user to the My Account page and the redirect back after login. Introduced in v2.20. 


A sales order history widget. Introduced in v2.21.

ProcessPayment_Popup A widget designed to pop up a window that catpures and processes invoice payments. Introduced in v2.20.