CyberStore Documentation
Windows Server 2012 IIS Role 8.n

Verify that the Web Server (IIS) Role is installed. If it is not, install and configure it as detailed below.

Verify that Web Server (IIS) Role Is Installed

Open the "Server Manager." 

Click Add roles and features to open the “Add Roles and Features Wizard.” 

When the “Before you begin” page appears, click Next. 

Select “Role-based or feature-based installation” and click Next. 

Select your web server from the list and click Next. 

Locate "Web Server (IIS)" in the list of Roles. 

If "Web Server (IIS)" is not checked as being installed, check the box now to install it by the end of this process. 

Additional Configuration of the Web Server (IIS) Role 8.x

CyberStore requires you to install certain Web Server (IIS) 8 Role Services.

Verify that the Web Server (IIS) Role is set up correctly.

Expand the "Web Server" entry in the list of Roles. 

Expand subentries as needed. 

Refer to the figure below to set up your Web Server Role as required by CyberStore.  



When you are done, click Next.

Refer to the figure below to configure your Web Server Features as required by CyberStore: 



When you are done, click Next.

Review the list of installation selections. If they are correct, click Install. 

Wait for the process to complete.


You will likely be informed that the system must restart for the changes to take effect. It is not necessary to restart the server at this time, but the CyberStore installation program cannot run until this has occured.