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Windows User Accounts
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CyberStore relies on three specific Windows User Accounts:

Server Service Account Usage
Web server & SQL server CyberStoreBrowsers Provides permissions context for the CyberStore e-commerce application.
Web server & SQL server CyberStoreManagers Provides permissions context for the CyberStore Console application.
SYSPRO server CyberStoreRemoting Provides permissions context for communications between CyberStore and SYSPRO.

Depending on the network architecture, you can use local user Accounts on the servers or Active Directory (AD) user Accounts.

Web Server and Web Database Server

CyberStoreBrowsers and CyberStoreManagers

You can create these user Accounts through the CyberStore Installation Wizard. If you use LOCAL user Accounts, run the Wizard as the local system administrator. If you use AD user Accounts, run it as a Domain Administrator.

Otherwise, create these user Accounts manually prior to the installation of the CyberStore software.


If you create users manually, you must add them to the local IIS Anonymous Group on the web server, which is either called “IIS_USRS” or “IIS_WPG”.

SYSPRO Server and SYSPRO Database Server


You can create this user Account manually and use it on the SYSPRO Application server. It is referred to as the “Service User” in the .NET Remoting ServiceInstallation Process, and Microsoft Internet Information Services (ISS) 7.x sections.