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Support for SYSPRO Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services

Add Support for WCF Communication to SYSPRO (#9321)

Introduced in version 2.15, the CyberStore application can now be configured to communicate to SYSPRO via Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services.

The feature is available for selection in the Connection Method drop down list within the Console's SYSPRO Configuration screen.

In order to utilize this connection method, you will be required to have installed on your SYSPRO server the SYSPRO WCF communication module.

For more information on how to install SYSPRO WCF Services, please to go SYSPRO WCF Services

Important Note:

Currently, SYSPRO implementation of WCF services is only able to be used as an un-encrypted connection method. Only use WCF when SYSPRO and the CyberStore are installed on the same network. For more information, please contact SYSPRO support.

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