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LoadClientScriptBlock Method

Dovetail.Ecommerce.ControlBases Namespace > CyberStoreBaseControl Class : LoadClientScriptBlock Method
The client script.
Name of the registered script.
Type of the registering control.
(Optional) True to minify.
Loads client script block.
Public Sub LoadClientScriptBlock( _
   ByVal ClientScript As String, _
   ByVal RegisteredScriptName As String, _
   ByVal RegisteringControlType As Type, _
   Optional ByVal minify As Boolean _
Dim instance As CyberStoreBaseControl
Dim ClientScript As String
Dim RegisteredScriptName As String
Dim RegisteringControlType As Type
Dim minify As Boolean
instance.LoadClientScriptBlock(ClientScript, RegisteredScriptName, RegisteringControlType, minify)


The client script.
Name of the registered script.
Type of the registering control.
(Optional) True to minify.
When you use RegisterClientScriptBlock, the script is rendered right after the Viewstate tag, but before any of the page elements. Since this is a direct script (not a function that can be called, it will immediately be executed by the browser. But the browser does not find the label in the Page's DOM at this stage and hence you should receive an "Object not found" error.
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